A destination for millions of foreign tourists every year, Italy is an amazing nation: rich in history, biodiversity, flavors and breathtaking views that can provide endless emotions.


ONLY ITALIAN EXPERIENCES supports tourists who want to get to know that Italy that is different from the collective imagination. The real Italy, the one not found in any of the most emblazoned guidebooks. Everyday Italy, the Italy of Italians.

ONLY ITALIAN EXPERIENCES indicates the most evocative places to visit, those that conquer and manage to give unforgettable emotions.

ONLY ITALIAN EXPERIENCES suggests where to sleep as an alternative to hotels. Only apartments characterized by original decor, a true expression of Italian style.

ONLY ITALIAN EXPERIENCES teaches what and how to eat and drink among the many dishes and wines that the cuisine in Italy offers. Ancient recipes handed down from grandmothers that are still served on tables today, bottles from artisanal wineries to renew the ancient tradition of true Italian cuisine

ONLY ITALIAN EXPERIENCES offers a series of exciting experiences designed specifically to truly get to know Italy and Italians.

ONLY ITALIAN EXPERIENCES is based in Milan and most of the information published is dedicated to the surrounding area, the one that can be reached in a maximum of 3 hours by car.